Sunday, 10 June 2012

Core Products

We sell/ buy Gold, Silver, Dinar and Dirham Public Gold, Kelantan Gold Trade, Perth Mint and others including numismatic/collection coins.

Core Products:

KGT: 1/2 Dinar & 1 Dinar
PG: 1 Dinar, 10 Dirhams, 10g PG Gold Bar & 100g PG Silver Bar

Gold & Silver: Low Cost Budget

Suitable for total household income below RM6,000 per month

Gold Products:

Below RM 500: 1/2 Dinar PG (Gold)
Below RM 1,000: 1 Dinar KGT & 1 Dinar PG (Gold)
Below RM 2,000: 10g PG Gold Bar (Gold)

Silver Products:

Below RM 250: 10 Dirhams PG (Silver)
Below RM 500: 100g PG Silver Bar (Silver)

Want to buy?
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